What makes TrafficAvenue different?

Behavioral Targeting

We collect anonymous interest data from millions of users every day in more than 200 categories. You can access this data and target users who are genuinely interested by your product or service. It makes sense to display the right ad to the right people!


Looking for an effective solution to abandoned carts, heavy bounce rates or people losing interest in your website as they navigate? Retargeting allows you to display a specific set of ads to people who have already visited your website. Our network is vast; we already know who your customers are and with our platform, you can target them specifically.

Cost Effective

With precise targeting, you lose a lot less money than you would buying ad space that reaches people who aren’t interested in what you’re offering. Our service will get you higher click rates, lower CPMs and stronger user engagement. And we don’t impose any monthly minimum ad spend so you can run your campaigns at your own pace.

E-Commerce ready

TrafficAvenue has all the tools to boost the sales of your e-shop! You can import your product catalog to our system in order to retarget users product by product, create dynamic ads based on your product data and more. We are working hard to make the best available tools on the market for e-commerce sites!


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What is TrafficAvenue?

TrafficAvenue is a DSP (Demand Side Platform), your key into the world of programmatic advertising. While most DSPs are usually used by very large companies, we are the first DSP made for small businesses and startups. TrafficAvenue connects you with almost all the advertising inventory available worldwide and our technology allows you to reach both niche markets and your ideal customers using big data and behavioural targeting.

Who Can Use Our Services?

Everybody can use TrafficAvenue. Every day, businesses of all sizes use TrafficAvenue to effectively buy ad space in more than 169 countries around the world. Even with a very small advertising budget, your business will immediately profit from our exclusive media buying tools.

What Kind of Product(s) Can I Promote?

With inventory and data available in more than 200 categories, TrafficAvenue is the ideal advertising solution for any kind of business. From virtual products and services, mobile applications to e-commerce websites, our engine delivers strong results for any type of product using our targeting technologies.

Easy-to-Use Self Serve Interface

When it comes to digital advertising, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and difficult to understand how to use the various tools out there to reach your business goals in the beginning.

Our self serve interface simplifies things. A lot. We know time is money and that you have many other things to handle on a daily basis. With our platform, you can easily create your campaign, add segments or targeting options, set a daily budget and let our technology handle the rest.

Of course, if you do need help, we’re always at your disposal. At any point in the process, feel free to ask us to assign you an account manager who can act as a consultant or be more hands-on with your account and your campaigns – free of charge.

Not enough? Ask us to assign you an account manager that will take care of your account, manage your campaign and define strategies with you. Free of charge of course!

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