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Ultra sharp targeting and high scalability available to everyone


[services icon=”users” title=”Programmatic made simple” style=”small” hei=”160px”]Buying ads remains complicated and often a manual process. Traffic Avenue offers a simple and quick experience with access to high inventory in order to ensure the scalability of your campaigns.[/services][services icon=”globe” title=”A Real DSP Pure Player” style=”small” hei=”160px”]We take very huge pride in being a DSP and ONLY a DSP. We buy inventory from SSPs only and sell it directly to advertisers, never to other DSPs. We will never be your competitor and we only have your success in mind.[/services]
[services icon=”mobile” title=”Mobile Friendly” style=”small” hei=”160px”]We are mobile-compatible and offer high-quality traffic for iOS, Android and other mobile operating systems.[/services][services icon=”bullseye” title=”Precisely Targeted” style=”small” hei=”160px”]We make targeting visitors who are genuinely interested in your products and services easy and efficient. We use behavioral pattern and machine learning to precisely target each ad we serve on your behalf.[/services]
[services icon=”ban” title=”No Bots, Only Real Human Traffic” style=”small” hei=”160px”]Bot traffic wastes time and money; we take pride in only delivering 100% real human traffic to your landing page/website.[/services][services icon=”hdd-o” title=”Big Data Powered” style=”small” hei=”160px”]Technology is the core of our business. We’re more than just a traffic provider – we have developed a complete suite of powerful tools to make your campaigns more profitable.[/services]

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